Installation and Product Recommendations

Based on what we have been told by Clean Run and many other dog clubs, we are pleased to pass along their advice and recommendations:

  • Upon receipt of your matting, allow the product to sit for 3-5 days, which allows the matting to acclimate. Keep all package material until product is unrolled and inspected.   After 3-5 days, unroll the matting and allow it to sit, rolled out, for an ADDITIONAL 3 days in order to relax and reform to its natural form.
  • Do not pull on the matting during installation, this may result in stretching and provide an inaccurate size during installation.
  • The matting is designed to be "free floating"; Crown does not recommend or warrant the gluing down of the product.
  • Double sided tape may be used on the underside of the product to help hold the product in place, or on the top surface to help cover seams. (Gluing the seams is not recommended and voids all warranties.)
  • If there are no walls surrounding the area to be covered with matting, the area should be "framed in" to help keep the matting from shifting.
  • Cut matting with straight edge utility knife.  Be sure to follow all safety rules while using sharp objects. Do not drag equipment or heavy objects over the matting.  It may cut or rip the product.
  • To remove the beveled edge on the matting, overlap the beveled edges and trim using a straight edge utility knife.
  • Place extra matting under the corners of contact obstacles and other heavy equipment to help reduce damage to the top surface of the matting.
  • The ideal temperature for maximum product performance is 63 degrees or higher.  Colder temperatures may cause the matting to become less slip resistant and contract (shrink).
  • Dog nails need to be kept trimmed to avoid their digging into the matting and causing cuts or tears and possible injury to the dog.
  • For additional installation recommendations or questions, please contact a professional flooring installer in your area. .

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