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Crown Mats and Matting is pleased to announce that Clean Run Productions, LLC, publisher of the leading agility magazine in the world, as well as books and DVD's on the sport, has selected Crown Mats and Matting's Comfort-King flooring for their own training center.

The History of Comfort King

Comfort King was developed for the commercial anti-fatigue market.  It is used extensively by cashier and production workers to reduce fatigue resulting from standing on hard surfaces.  Crown's Comfort-King patented Zedlan foam offers three times as much "bounce" as traditional foam and rubber products.  Anti-Fatigue matting works by providing a balance of softness and support while reducing the amount of strain on workers' feet, ankles, legs and back.  Standing on any surface for long periods of time can produce detrimental effects to the body.  The softness of matting offers two major benefits: cushioning and weight distribution.  Cushioning reduces the long-term stress on the joints caused from the constant pounding on hard surfaces.  The softness also allows the foot to take a more natural position and reduces stress on pressure points.  The extra bounce in Comfort-King stiumlates muscles and blood flow to reduce fatigue.

For years, dog clubs have been purchasing Crown's Tuff-Spun, a medium-soft vinyl sponge, for obedience training and shows.  Based on our knowledge of the attributes of Comfort-King, Crown is promoting this product as an ideal indoor surface for agility.

One of the first facilities to install our Comfort-King was Clean Run who chose our 1/2" Comfort-King Surpreme product.  After installing the product, they were amazed at the results.

  • The superior slip resistance provided excellent traction for dogs for both jumping and turning, practically eliminating the slipping and pad burns caused by other rubber surfaces.
  • The product performed well with even the fastest and heaviest dogs.
  • The softness and resilience (extra bounce) of Comfort-King reduced landing impact on the dog's bodies.
  • Dogs training full-time on Comfort-King performed equally well outdoors on grass.  With other matting Clean Run tried, the dogs had to adjust their takeoff position to prevent themselves from sliding and had difficulty making the transition when competing outside on grass.


AND for the handlers, Comfort King is ideal!!!


  • The softness and resilience of the matting make running around the course much more comfortable.
  • The benefits of traction and reduced stress on joints also applied to the handlers.