Use and Care Instructions

Use and Care Instructions

·           Use a non-abrasive, neutral Ph cleaner or mild soap with warm water.

·           Use a damp mop to clean the surface of matting.  Do not submerge the matting.

·           You may use commercial-grade brooms to remove debris.

·           For urine spills, wipe up the area immediately with a neutral Ph cleaner or mild soap using a damp towel or mop.

·           Do not use rotary scrubbers, industrial-grade vacuums, or other mechanical cleaners or scrubbers to clean the matting.  Damage that occurs due to the use of mechanical devices or cleaners will void the product warranty.

·           Allow the matting to dry completely before permitting foot traffic to resume.

·           Clean underneath the matting when possible to remove any dirt or debris that could cause premature wear.

Regular maintenance of your mat is critical to extend its life and appearance.  It is recommended that you develop a regular maintenance schedule.  Frequency will depend on traffic and soil conditions.  Improper use or lack of maintenance will void the matting warranty.